A/V Database Update slow

A/V Database update very slow, percentage always stop at 5 % and 30 % (maybe more) but not going smoothly.

What is the number of the db that is shown?

Well, I’m not saying that I can’t update, only very slow and only showing 5 % and 30% (ie it never say that I’ve downloaded 25%,26%, etc but 30%)
Anyway, A/V DB Version:998

Usually it stalls some at 30% and 90%. Just updated manually to 998. It had a little stop at 30 % but updated quickly.

Is there anyone who saw updating for example at 24% or maybe at 37% ? I think either my internet is slow and the progress bar isn’t accurate.

I saw some intermediate numbers in the process but they come and go fast. 30% is fixed point where it stops for a bit.

How long did the update to 998 for you?

around 10 min @512kbps

around 10 min [at]512kbps

Wow, It only took me a little under a minute.

My update speed is similar to Jay’s. I am on a fast wide open DSL connection (15.4Mb/s down).

@smkururu. Let’s see how long it takes to update from 998 to the next one. May be CIS adapts its download speed according to download capabilities?

I’m getting this bug too. It’s taking ridiculously long to update the virus definition, with constant hard-disk activity bogging down the system. It stopped for a while at 30%, then went to 50% and advanced veeeeery slowly from there. Right now it’s at 68%.

Comodo’s About window says my virus signature database version is… 0. Maybe that’s because it’s currently updating. I’ll post again after it finishes.

Edit: Okay, now the database version is 1300. Reckon it took nearly an hour.

Nothing like this for me. I have a 256 Kbps DSL, and last update to 1302 took less than a minute.
Yes, the update stalls at 30% for sometime, and then finishes rapidly.

MechR, you mentioned ‘constant hard-disk activity’, do you by any chance have another AV with on-access enabled. Maybe thats the cause.

Nope, only Comodo.

Maybe it’s because I hadn’t updated in a while? (I think a few weeks.) Still crazy for it to take longer than a full install though.

Hi, MechR

Maybe the reason is lack of memory. How much RAM do you have?

I think the update may be close 34 MB. The bases.cav from a clean install install is about 57 MB. The current bases.cav here is 91 MB. That may take a while.

Do notice that with big updates the progress indicator may stay at 30% for an unusual long time and then make a big jump. That is confusing for most users.

512MB. I hear that’s pretty pathetic these days, but no other antivirus I’ve tried has a problem with it.

Over here it’s 86MB. Still, however you slice it, taking an hour of HD activity to update definitions is just unreasonable. Installing nine Windows updates took less time that day, and Windows Update isn’t exactly a speed demon.

My only guess is Comodo might be downloading and installing every database version since the last update one after another, instead of skipping straight to the most recent one. No idea if that’s true.

It looks like the bug doesn’t affect everyone, so I’ll try varying my update intervals and see if I run into it again.

New update (database ver 1341) took about 8 minutes. Still long compared to other antiviruses, but much shorter than the previous update.

Update to 1367 took 4-5 minutes. Might be because I’m getting update notices at shorter intervals.

There were a couple of tolerable updates since the last post, but the latest update (to 1642) again took over 30 minutes of grinding. In light of this, and the increase in false positive rates lately, I’m uninstalling the antivirus component. The firewall can stay.

In my opinion, the A/V update process is an absolute disaster - it takes far too long and eats up PC I/O and memory to such an extent that it can lock up a PC for the duration of the update. CIS should not have been released with this obvious design fault.

There have been numerous post related to problems with the A/V update process. Surely if there was a candidate for an emergency upgrade to CIS 3.10, then this is it.

One of the most frustrating and disappointing aspects is that Comodo Support seem to be ignoring the users’ plight and have not responded on this matter. They need to admit the widespread problems and propose a solution and a timescale for its implementation.

It seems slow here too. My PC is hardly usable for like 5-10 mins (didn’t time exactly) every time Comodo updates. It’s not my internet connection; I’m on a blazing fast University connection.