A user feedback

First Name: Anthony
Last Name: Adams
E-mail Address: xxxxxxx.com
City: Canberra
State: ACT
Country: Australia
Occupation: Associated professional or technical occupation
Product name: Comodo Internet Security
Testimonial message: Thanks Comodo, I’ve had to re-image my PC twice in the last 24 hours because Comodo Internet Security isn’t compatible with the latest Windows update. Twice I have found after the installing the update and rebooting that the only program that displays on the desktop is Comodo and none of the taskbars or desktop icons appear. I finally managed to resolve the problem by re-imaging and uninstalling Comodo before the update could be installed. I am extremely disappointed that a company like yours was so incompetent as to not be aware that this windows update when combined with comodo would make windows unusable. I’m just lucky I know what I’m doing with PC’s and was able to recover from the problems your company caused me without having to pay a professional to fix it like I imagine a lot of home users are. Uninstalled and I won’t be recommending Comodo to anyone after this debacle, lets see if you’re honest enough to let this message stand on your testimonial page.

He is not wrong but … COMODO is a free product, which we did not pay to use. And let’s face it, it’s an excellent suite. We have 100% protection, something that even the paid ones do not offer us. I also had problems with COMODO and had to repair my PC, like it. But over the years, I have seen that engineers have been struggling along with @BuketB and @umesh in fixing bugs and flaws, making the product little by little more and more stable. It’s perfect? Of course not, but which product is it?
We have to do our part in the game, report bugs that occur with us, help in what we can and use all COMODO suite as you want, for free! Oh I do not want to help, COMODO does not suit me. OK boy, take your money out of your pocket and buy a paid suite, or use another free and we’ll see what happens ;D

It seems that most of the problems caused by Comodo are users struggling to deal with the situation when something goes wrong. For example, a lot of people did not think to open explorer using task manager when Comodo Secure Shopping caused a black screen, so people had to resort to restoring from an image. Running installers/uninstallers in safe mode is not gonna work properly a lot of the time. Or they did not uninstall all comodo products before installing the new ones, such as the incompatible CSS or ISE. They may have also left Comodo services running, for example I had to delete the comodo secure shopping service manually b/c it was not properly removed by the uninstaller.

I think these cases really show the need to have an official uninstall tool from Comodo, umesh said they were working on it so hopefully it will be released soon and it should save a lot of time for these people. I don’t blame that user for not taking the above steps before having to reimage.

Thank you Melih for recognizing this mail and to face the problems
Class and respect :-TU

Strangely enough, many people do this, Comodo loses credibility with each new build… (IMHO)

I am a senior product manager and have worked for numerous organizations for 15+ years that provide enterprise level software to global organizations. I have been a user of Comodo products for many years. I have installed their products on many friends and acquaintances over the years. The experience I have had and the need to completely wipe/reset multiple laptops on my home network after this debacle has fully changed my mind on this company and their products.


I have lost untold amounts of time and data - even with regular backups. I’m not a newbie. This experience was and has been the worst of my life in technology. I started in technology by updating Windows to 3.11. My first browser was Netscape 0.92. I remember using GOPHER and FTP to retrieve files. Never have I had an experience like this.

I would love to speak with the CEO of Comodo. I have worked with C-level officers of companies that have revenues of well into the 10s of billions of dollars annually.

This experience was inexcusable.

I merged your topic with an existing one about this problem started by the CEO.

I would like to apologies on behalf of Comodo.

This wasn’t because of lack of trying. Still end result you are unhappy. That is not why we exist. We exist to protect you and keep you happy. This is something we have to learn from and improve. Again my apologies.

Why apologize?
No technology is perfect
I have changed products, it’s simple to do
4 years of use of CIS comodo
Thank you Melih :-TU

I apologize because it is not my intention for anything we do to make people unhappy. We just want protect them and make them happy.

Respect! @Melih

See, that’s the CEO of a trustworthy company that provides great security solutions for free. I have never seen Symantec’s CEO doing what Melih is doing (and Symantec has messed up big time several times). I not only trust Comodo’s software but also Comodo’s CEO. You deserve our respect, Melih.

I’ll second that :-TU

I have no doubt at all about Comodo’s good intentions. I just think that Comodo needs to realize that their testing needs to be much better. The recent CIS 10 update debacle has clearly shown this, and there have been plenty of update problems in the past. If this means slower introduction of new features to allow more testing to occur then I would very strongly recommend this. It takes a long time to build a good reputation and a very short time to destroy it. After all I have seen CIS described as “worse than malware” by one disgruntled user!

Nothing is perfect. Everything can be improved.

In security, the higher the security is, the more challenging it is in terms of Coding.

We are fighting against malware that is doing all sorts of tricks to get into your system and control it.
We choose not to simply scan the file with an AV signature and alert you.
We choose to fight the malware. That created world’s most sophisticated security solution for PCs. literally!
We are constantly working on improving the product and its stability. We have recently added a few new factors into our coding and release process to improve it further. We are always cognizant about what our users are thinking and always and I mean always take their feedback to heart and improve…Always!

Now this has me curious. Could you spill a bean… or two… or three?

now that our technology is being used in both Safety critical as well as Mission Critical environments, we have to add different release process for these environments. Hospitals are using our technology in life saving devices, factories are using our technology in mission critical environments. these two are similar but still different processes that require a different path in release process.