A upgrade of CFP 3 Basic?


Do the developers have any plans to “upgrade” CFP basic edition (firewall only)? Since if you don’t want to use Defense+ or any other HIPS, you lack most of the protection.
I would (at least) like to see all the old features (like parent application check) from CFP 2.4 back in CFP 3 basic edition.



Your wishes are granted! :slight_smile:

We did promise to have a mode in v3 thats similar to v2.4…

next week it should be launched! :slight_smile:

A Firewall mode with Leak protection! It passes the latest Leak tests we put live, which makes it pretty much the only firewall that passes all leak tests! (without Defense+).

Here is the link to the latest leak test.


That means other than v3 supporting only XP & Vista, it will be illogical for users to stick with v2 because v3 contains a slew of improvements and enhancements :-*.

Greetings all,

Hi Melih,

Can you please clarify a bit what do you mean by the “mode”
I’ll try to put simple Q (or 2 ;D) :

Will Defence+/Disable do that trick?
It is an additional Setting, which will differ from Disable…How?

My kind regards

You will see at installation (v=tick/selected)

v Firewall with Defense + (Recommended)


if you choose Firewall then you will see

v Leaktest protection

(which means leaktest protection enabled when you choose the firewall without defense+)
of course if you want to unselect the leak protection you can do so.


Only outgoing. And if you use a third-party HIPS which is good, it should make CFP leakproof in its basic mode by replacing D+, that was the whole idea behind the basic option when it was requested here in the forums.

This is great news. I just pulled the trigger on Vista, and currently I’m using CFPv3 Basic. It’ll be great peace of mind once the leak protection is up and running.

I don’t think people really appreciate the power of a quality firewall and how well it can protect you, even without hips! :frowning: . You see you can have leak protection yet your firewall could fail a simple ICMP leak! It is important that the firewall is solid, afterall it is that firewall that will be watching the traffic!


Thank you wraithdu!

As you know, it is our users who we listen to and they wanted for some time a mode thats like v2.4.
so now they have it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your continued support as this software is one of the (if not the) most powerful software that people can use to protect themselves paid or for free!


Yes, but in my opinion, that’s why we have software firewalls, for outbound protection. A hardware firewall is good enough for inbound protection, but it doesn’t have any outbound protection, so that’s where the software firewall is used.

Yes, I’m aware of that, but I thought some novice users doesn’t know anything about what’s going on with the HIPS alerts, so just a basic firewall mode would make it easier.

Hi Melih

You are very right Comodo Firewall is actually THE BEST firewall on the market today “paid or free” as you put it. The competition is getting nervous and that is why that guy who is writing nonsense in his blog has tried unsuccessfully to diminish the worth of CFP v3. The competition startegy is to put you off track by paying too much attention to them.

How can that online armor covert operative talk when OA is not even available for vista? Are vista users not worthy of protection as well? The answer is YES. CFPv3 XP and Vista at the cutting edge of technology (L) (:LOV)

The best strategy overall is to listen to God and to your users and Comodo will be blessed. I will pray to God for he can help Comodo grow while protecting you (Melih) from the greed and slander of the competition.


hi Melih, as i’m interested in the firewall only version, would u advise me to wait until this next release or should i just install the current version and updgrade it when the new version is available?
thanks guys… (R)

Very, very kind Jaki.
Thank you very much. Your kindness just made my day!

As i stated in the past, as we chart the future of Computer security, others will follow. This is a good thing as we raise the bar for everyone, including our competition so that they can improve their products and at the end, the users benefit! However, I believe our V3 is way beyond anyone out there, in terms of security and usability! We will continue to raise the bar for everyone!

Yes, it upset me immensely for Scot to print this information, however it is now clear that he did this because he simply didn’t understand how leak test and outbound protection work, as I always said: “its not a shame not to know, its a shame not to learn”. I hope he learnt now and I forgive him for causing all this misunderstanding.

Again, thanks for making my day with your kind words!


Advising on security is like advising a patient. First the doctor (Security professional) must listen to the patient (user) about what is it that they suffer from (they want to protect). Security and amount of security you use is directly proportional to value of what you are protecting.

So, tell me exactly what you want to protect against. What other security you have in mind to accompany simple firewall etc.


I would like a 2.4 style firewall minus the known bugs and issues (i.e. loggings), so i was interested when u mentioned earlier on about a version 3 that gives a good leak protection without having to install defence+.
My question is: if i install the present version will i be able to upgrade to the new version without having to uninstall? thanks again.

I must say how delighted i am with your announcement
I have tried any number of firewalls.The only one that did not cause any problems,large or small,was your 2.4 version.I have tried v.3 but found it a bit too complicated,but it caused no problems.I am not an expert by any means.
Simple is beautiful in my language
Best Regards.

yes you should be able to.

we are hoping to do the release on Tuesday (however we will only know if thats possible on monday - this is not product related by due to marketing).

so not long to wait if you want to wait on the new version either.

if you are using v3 with cleanpc and train with safe mode, then you are well protected and as you say, it doesn’t cause you a problem. In this scenerio, you have the ultimate protection, using the new mode we have will still give you leak proof firewall, however i would recommend to have hips on (defense+) for ultimate unparalled security that money can buy today!


thats great, thanks very much Melih and all the COMODO staff your work and support is much appreciated here (V)