a trusted file blocked by the beheavior blocker

i got a file which is trusted by comodo(according to the online lookup from the comodo server).but whenever i try to run the file on my computer,the behavior blocker would always block it and say that the file is unknown to comodo.it seems really strange.u can test it yourself,here is the link of the file:http://download.wangwang.taobao.com/AliIm_taobao.php?spm=

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why still no reply?there are more than hundred millions people using the software.doesn’t comodo really want them to use cis at the same time?

CIS is not really ‘blocking’ the application just asking if you want to give it unlimited access rights. But I guess if a lookup returns a trusted verdict, CIS shouldn’t show an alert saying it has not been white listed yet when it is in fact truested.

I have made a bug report for this issue, lets see what happens.

where did u made the bug report?and how could we see their reply?

Hi sdfsadfdfs,
Large applications request unlimited access regardless of rating [M1467]

Kind regards.

thank u everyone for your help.