A truly subpar antivirus--this should still be in beta phase!

it should not have even been released yet. :-TD

Right after installing it and updating the definitions, I downloaded the eicar test file and it did not even detect it! In fact Windows defender detected it. Even after I “ignored” the file, Antivir still did not detect it. Even after performing a manual on access scan it didn’t detect it.

How can we trust an antivirus program that can’t even detect a test virus?

CIS 3.9
antivirus installed, set to on-access, with heuristics set to high.

yes it can, something is wrong with your setup. Try doing a clean install.


Please run Diagnostics, it can be found under Miscellaneous, and see what it reports

It not only detects Eicar, it will detect it when you just open the folder it’s in without even clicking on it. The most I ever had to do was mouse over it and it was detected. No other AV I have used did that.

CAV will not let you download the file itself. It will download the zip and let you extract it but when you open the extracted folder, it is immediately detected. A right click scan of the zip before extraction also detects it. Something is wrong in the OP’s installation.

There was another thread just after 3.9 was released that someone wasn’t getting the Eicar files detected. I’m not sure if there was ever a resolution.

CIS has always detected the Eicar files for me. The archives are picked up on decompression, and the two non-compressed files are grabbed before writing to disk.