A token of appreciation to Comodo - I'm promoting it

Hi all. This is my first post in this forum. I can no longer hold myself from registering into this forum so at last I did it.

I have been using CIS4 since launch and before that I have never heard of Comodo. I have forgoten how I managed to know about CIS4 but I’m glad I know about it. Recently I have started to promote CIS4 in a more aggressive way in a famous (english language) local forum in my country. But being not so technical in how CIS work, I can only offer them advice based on my own experience without being able to explain more in detail about the underlying technology behind it. Here is the link to the forum:

Here are a few other thread when people ask for advice regarding AV and I did suggest them to give CIS4 a try:

Perhaps some of you could help to explain in a better way about CIS4 here, so that I can copy your explanation and post them in my country’s local forum.

Thank you in advance.

I see you are suggesting turning off Defense+ for an easy life. That will seriously reduce the ability to prevent infection as no AV can stop new malware known as zero day.

Many thanks for the reply. Glad you alert me at this early stage.

As a layman in this “Internet Security Suite” world, that is what I did with my system and yes, my life is easier ever since. Since I’m wrong, perhaps you or anyone here can advice me on how to make life easier (note that those that I recommended CIS 4.1 are layman also) without compromising security.

I don’t get the people who say to end a part of the suite. Or the people who tell others to use another AV with the suite and turn the V of Comodo off. All the parts together form the strength of the suite, don;t they? Do don’t tamper with it.

In my case, I only use CIS 4.1…It is just that currently I disable the “Defence+” function just to make my life easier. Of course I did it without knowing that it will severely compromise the safety of my computer. Please advice.

Thank you in advance.

Have a read here:

Thanks for the fast response and the link.

Can anyone here can help with this one. I’m trying to persuade one of my friend to use CIS but he want to maintain MSE as on-demand scanner.

No problem, he can set MSE on on demand by disabling the real time stuff.

Thanks for the reply.

But the MsMpEng.exe still running and consuming memory (around 70MB at least). Any way to disable it completely and only activate on-demand?

nice one mate… can see that CIS not popular in Malaysia. i been using comodo security product since 2008 but find it to hard to recommend it to our Malaysian friends. they like branded antivirus such as kaspersky and norton.

Are you from Malaysia too mate? Perhaps we could have a joint effort to promote CIS in our own soil. Perhaps you could give some comments about CIS in my thread (in the forum) back home and I do the same in your thread (at other forum)too?

It makes me feel good when promoting free product that I’m satisfied with. :wink:

yep… i am Malaysian and a Comodian ;D ;D

JJKTP, u should update the 1st page at ur lowyat thread with comodo logo, cis interface, and all the information needed to spice things up… heh >:-D

Yeah, I saw your CIS-related posting just now at our thread at lowyat, thanks bro.

Actually I would love to but I’m not that talented resourceful in doing that kind of thing to make the thread look more professional as others did with their thread. If you want to open a special thread for CIS (for long-term use ,not just for version 4.1 like our current thread), it would be much better and I will do what I can so we can make the thread as useful as possible by replying to questions and post as much information as I can. How is that sounds? :wink:

Edited: Thank for your effort on our new 1st post of the CIS thread. I have posted it a moment ago.