A "threat" named "Disabled UAC"...

Each time I scan my laptop with CCE, the latter finds the same unique “threat” : disabled UAC. Then I apply for repairing this entry. But when I restart my laptop, Windows 7 asks me if I trust CCE and all others Comodo products. So, I have to turn off UAC manually again. And if I scan again, the same thing will happen again and again…

So, how come this “threat” named “disabled UAC”?

Is this a bug, a false positive? If so, how can I disable it?

If not, how can I completely disable UAC?

Thanks for leting me know…

CCE is just alerting you that UAC is disabled. This is commonly done by malware, hence the warning.

As long as you disabled UAC yourself you can safely ignore this warning.

Ok, so this is just a warning from CCE that UAC is disabled.

But seen that I personaly disabled it on purpose, how can I remove this warning from CCE? How can I make CCE accept that I chose to disable UAC?

After a scan you can tell CCE to ignore that UAC is disabled. Just change the option to ignore.

An exclusion in CCE would be good, wot say?

I agree, but to my knowledge there is not currently that functionality. I think because CCE is likely meant to be used only once.

That said, I like the idea. Please make a new topic for it in the wishlist.

Yes, I chose to ignore it after the scan. But during another scan another day… the same wrong threat “disabled UAC” came back! So, as written above, it would be good to exclude this wrong menace…