A threat detection was found unistalling Acquia Drupal


I was uninstalling the Acquia application (Creating a new Drupal application with Composer) from my pc and suddenly CIS blocked the process because it believed it was a threat.
Was it right or wrong?

There are two drop down list on that web page, select the windows version from the drop down list on the right, under Dev Desktop | Drupal 7, and click on the Download button (I don’t know if their site does some check against the pc hardware your browser is running on).

I don’t remember exactly what were the settings during the installation, try to leave the default ones.

The version I downloaded had an older ( build ? ) number, 7.12.12-5773.40585 as version. The one available on their site is an updated one. Maybe they are similar for the problem I’m talking about.

My PC:
Win7 (64bit), with CIS v 5.10.22****** (latest updates), plus an antivirus.


mod edit: URL corrected and additional descriptions added.