A Thank You

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all the ‘moderator’s and ‘techies’ who take the time and trouble to read and answer the numerous queries that are on this forum.
I have visited other forums, but this one is by far and away the best for receiving help and replies. I am not of a technical nature and the advice – certainly for me - is invaluable.
Sometimes, even though I have read up on a subject I still can’t quite get to grips with it, and reading it over again just confuses the hell out of me, but there is always someone, even several people willing to impart their advice. I can honestly say that when I have encountered a problem or query I have always received a reply.
In the main I would like to thank
LITTLE MAC - [ the installation guide on V3 proved invaluable to me]
NOT FORGETTING MR KEVIN McALEAVEY [who sent a detailed reply to one of my queries]
And to all you others who I have forgotten to name but do a sterling job.

So from one grateful member - thanks! (:CLP)

This is greatly appreciated!! & I am sure all the others will appreciate it too!

Thank you to you to overfifty! :slight_smile:


Thanks,glad to help, (CLY)