a suggestion

When you go under firewall and My network Zones there are 3 options, (Add, Remove and Edit). may I suggest a fourth option called Search that would search for a network.

Comodo never seems to find/detect my network when i install. In order to get comodo to detect my network I have to unplug my modem and then plug it back in while in windows.

BTW: 3.9 is excellent. I look forward to 4.0. ;D Good job Dev’s :-TU

Same here its not detected unless i do that, great idea

There will be 1 more 3.9 version before 4.0 (i think)


It only detects my network on the first reboot after installation… never had a problem on that end. But anyway, :-TU if they could get it to work. I would be careful with calling it “search” though.