A suggestion

I have a wireless network but I also use my laptop on other networks.

I just setup the laptop to work on my network with a zone. However the issue here is that any other wireless (almost all of them) that uses the same range of ip’s will allow others access to my system.

Would it be possible if the network is running on a wireless card to have zones assigned also by ssid. That way when I’m on other networks in other offices or places I dont have to think about my zones leaving me open.

You can change your routers settings. Go in to your router.
Try to find the server settings and DHCP server settings.
There you can specify what IP range the router gives out on your network.
Set a different range than the usual, and adjust the trusted zone in CF, so they match.
Now you wont have that problem.

um yes and although that may or may not work for my situation. It will surely not work for a corporation. They are simply not going to change all their ip’s. It would be much easier to track the ssid or possibly the ssid and mac address of the router.

I meant that you could do it at home…

Of course I was aware of that. I also would state that even mac address and ssid can be spoofed but at least it would be helpful for those of us using wireless networks. You know they are only going ot be used more and more not less.