A sugestion for CAVS malware research

Looking in the web I found PC Tools ThreatExpert service. Its propose to be an automated malware analyst. COMODO can use this feature or create a same technology.

What you think Melih?

Best regards

Interesting. Sounds good in theory. I wonder how it will actually be in practice…

"With Threat Expert a sophisticated analysis can typically be completed in less than 5 minutes. Our team of highly-trained analysts can then offer signature updates to our customers in less than an hour," Clausen said.

If I understand correctly, those “customers” will be the AV companies, which will then probably want to analyze everything themselves, and it will still be a week before the DATs are updated. LOL I know that’s an exaggeration; I just wonder how quick the process will actually be.


these types of tools look for behaviours, which means glorified signature of the executable.

even though i very much like innovation and welcome it, sometimes companies cross the line between marketing and innovation.

I would like to read their patent before i can comment on it. If you have it handy pls let me know.