A stranger calling from your phone... "Explorer Search"


I’m not certain if this qualifies as trivia…

When you use the built in file search engine to search your hard drives which is included with Windows operating system, it attempts to contact some other party on the internet if you are currently connected.

Since the explorer search engine is part of Windows it is considered safe and not spyware. Hmmmm.

I’m not certain I totally agree, but at least Comodo can halt it’s ability to make that ‘phone call’.

My question is, has anyone ever narrowed down the party which explorer is trying to call? If so, has anyone ever discussed this behavior with the recipient of the call and further, asked that recipient what they plan to do with whatever information is being sent to them? I would assume that the information is related to the search of your harddrives that you are performing at the time of the call.

If my telephone were to secretly contact a third party to share information about what I was saying on the line when I made my private phone calls, would it be breaking the law?

How is the behavior of Windows explorer legally classified differently?

Of course, the reason explorer is trying to connect to the net may be totally unrelated to my attempt to search. I would be interested in knowing if anyone knows why it is trying to call onto the net if there is an alternative purpose which I am unaware of.

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Thats funny you mention this. Because when I search (or use explorer casually) my Zonealarm tells me explorer is trying to get to the internet. Since I wasnt sure what it was doing I allow it once. Im sure its nothing. I would like to know more about this :wink:

This was covered to an extent here:

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