A strange cmd.exe problem after update of CS

Since the update of CIS to version 8.0…0.4344 I keep getting cmd.exe application was unable to start correctly at every shutdown/restart/log off. What the **** is happening?

I am having the same problem as well.
Got that cmd.exe 0xc0000142 error when shutdown/restart.

I don’t have this problem before auto product update.
Anyway to fix it?

it turns out even I uninstalled CIS, the problem is still here.
Don’t know what to do now… :frowning:

after searching on google, I found out a solution posted by others.
what you need to do is just uninstall geforce experience and the problem will go away.
I did and that error didn’t occur anymore.

Hi NiramX and hkpm,
I have just searched for this error and it appears to not be isolated to CIS.
It could be a conflict with ‘GeForce Experience updates’, which might be worth looking into.
Google search appears to point to this direction rather prominently.
Some information posted in the external links below.
cmd.exe Application Error on Shutdown-tomshardware
CMD.exe Application error on shutdown-Avast Forum

Good luck.

Edit: Well done on the find ‘hkpm’, you beat me to it. :-TU