a stinking commercial

tv advocates for a brand of deodorant showing a fireman in action, and trying to demonstrate that the said brand “adapts itself to the body temperature”.
It does not say if it keeps the guys to be burned themselves.

It most certainly is, like new “clean” wars not supposed to kill anyone, a a new concept: everyone should make of ground zero guys soap opera and not real-life heroes, while they most certainly did not smell fine rose.

One of my sons is working on a French Navy helicopter supposed to be a military weapon but, we are at the day speaking not officially involved in any war, most often used for naval rescue.
Air clothes, under which one has to have fire protection clothes and, when the water temperature is not full summer one, isothermic clothes in a crash event, altough no one has ever seen helicopter crew themselves being rescued from such a crash.

In its great wisdom, the French Navy has not found useful to air-condition these helicopters, and it would anyhow be to no avail, the side door is most often opened.

The guys say, that even after only 2 hours of a training flight, they really come back home stinking like hell: i wonder how any deodorant could help, and even if it has any importance whatsoever:
like firemen, the job is to rescue, and not to worry of anything else.

Yes, there’s only a stinking thing: the said comercial.

Thats why I buy generic deodorant for 1.00 lol works the same.

well advertising is supposed to reach people and there are various ways to do this even if they are a bit… distastetful but hey u dont want to stink do you ;D

I don’t get what you are trying to say??

That they are lying and the deodorant wouldn’t actually work??


If you read Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of August” you will come to a point where we are alerted to a fact often (always?) overlooked: the stink of 3 million men that didn’t wash for four weeks (this was WW1).
You raised an interesting subject, but publicity is… well, publicity.

I suppose that the said deodorant works no more or less than whatever other deodorant: yes, publicity is publicity.

But i am sure that only on TV war heroes or, with less credulity from the public, firemen or navy helicopter crews as they don’t have the same public status, don’t actually stink like hell in action whether they use the said deodorant or another one.

Assuming that these guys, resulting of the high respect level they have from the public, therefore always smell in action fresh soap is taking this same public for more nuts than it really is.

Unless, of course, if i am still a little naive, and human dumbness is beyond the limits i thought to know.

There is no such thing as “human dumbness”.
We’re only human. And we do need deodorant.