A-Squared Anti-Malware Full Version ...Free 1 Year Licence [Expired]

For a limited time (until July 31st) visitors to Gizmo’s site can get a free year’s licence for the full version of the excellent A-squared Anti-Malware:

link removed since it has expired

The interesting thing is that the upcoming version 4 will utilise a dual scanning engine,it will incorporate the Ikarus AV functionality.In a recent test Ikarus performed extremely well on demand:


Coupled with the already already high detection rate of the A-squared engine this should be a formidable scanner.
It can be run as a real time IDS application or an on-demand scanner.

That’s nice!!! :slight_smile:

I might try it out again maybe…

Every time I used A-Squared I get nothing but FP’s. Especially Gamespy. Also A-Sqaured in real time mode uses alot of resources.

Yes A-squared has tended to throw up some FPs which means that anything discovered will need to be verified.I’m not sure if this has been addressed in the new version 4,or for that matter the resource usage,which was fairly high when I tried Mamutu a while back.I would expect that to stay the same given the record for multi-engined scanners.Having said that it does have a very high detection rate,which will only improve with the addition of the secondary engine,so it’ll make a good on-demand utility.

So this license will work with V.4?

Yes it’s a full licence with all updates.

It’s not bad but 2bh SAS kills this… Not being nasty or anything.


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