A specific question to a blocked connection


i am using skype a long time about few minutes i recieved an alert from cis firewall (i never had this alert before from cis firewall). i am not sure can everybody check please the log for me thank u.


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Did you give Skype the installer rule?

Check under D+ → Advanced → Security Policy → now see how Skype is set. Set it to Trusted.


thank u for reply. So this is not a attack to my system? I set skype to trusted. I hope that fixes the alert. But i never had this alert why yet? and what does it means?


I’ve not used Skype myself & I’m not familiar with your set-up, so this may be a dumb question…

I couldn’t help but notice that the destination IP of the blocked entry is a LAN IP. Is that correct/normal for Skype and/or your set-up? For me, it seems unusual to see an Internet IP connecting directly to a LAN IP.

Yes i think so that it’s unusual to see an Internet ip connecting directly to a lan ip however i am not sure. I set Skype as trusted i will see if the alert will come back again but comodo tell that this connection is an incomming connection but for what??? I don’t know but thanks for ur comment too very interesting.

Do any of the UDP port numbers mentioned (2854 & 45776) mean anything to you in the context of Skype?

edit: A quick Google reveals that the LAN IPs are possibly something to do with Skype. Something about a method it uses to get passed routers or something…


yes the Port 45776 is used for icomming file transfer in skype. But i don’t had amy file transfer to another user at this point/time. If it’s so i have to accept first the file transfer in skype itself. For the other port in wich way is used or related to skype or whatever i don’t have any info about at this time.

Skype will open two ports with Universal Plug and Play on your router when uPnP is enabled. The port number can be set under advanced preferences. In my case it is port 2991 on both UDP and TCP.