I think this forum could use the “Thank you” feature. Anyone backs up this idea ? ;D

I’ll bite; what is the “Thank You” feature? Or where can I read about it? ???

You know. If you helped someone or you got help from someone - you thank that person or get thanked. It’s like an add-on to Comodo’s Newbie, Member, Family Member, Loves Me, Hero system, except better, because more objective. :slight_smile: Many forums use it :wink:

That sounds like a good idea if we can make it easy to do. I do a lot of posts, and get a fair number of "thank you"s from the users, and try to pass them out myself. But a lot of the users just disappear, and I never know whether they used my suggestion, found another solution, or gave up in disgust and went back to Zone Alarm. Something they could just click on might help. :BNC

Something like this:


[attachment deleted by admin]

That looks like Barrie from the Avira Antivir forum.
Good idea this Commodus,politeness doesn`t cost anything

Matty :-TU

Thanx. ;D But that doesn’t mean they gonna do that :smiley:

And the picture is from DreamLinux forum :wink:

Oh great. If that’s implemented, instead of how many TY’s (Thank You’s), I’ll be getting TD’s (:-TD’s)

Maybe we can add a PITA count too. :slight_smile:

Me personally against this feature. It is leading to “hunt” for “thank you” and results in division between “helpful guys” and others. It is like one more barrier between new members and “old” members.
I was surprised and glad when noticed these forums don’t have this “feature”.

I have no problem making it private either. What I am looking for is a way to tell whether our advice is effective, not a way to get hero medals. Maybe shades of color that provide little differentiation, or only to mods, would be OK. But for the rest of the users who are also very helpful, ???

:THNK what will happen to me?

hey, i’ve seen forums with “reputation” feature, it makes lots of trouble, especially when someone gets -rep,
oh and then every “thread starter” will make closing statement in their posts ,“pls give me +rep”. >:( not cool.

This won’t be implemented (any time soon) anyway. There’s an endless list of forum enhancements that gibran requested, but unfortunately that’s not the primary priority :frowning:

This could end up like eBay. We could rate the questions and the users could rate the answers. :BNC Maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all. But I would still like a way to know how effective we are being in solving problems, vs users who just give up and don’t tell us. :frowning:

Sorry for not so good idea, but are we that kind of idiots to seek thank you’s ??? I mean - is there anyone who makes 30 posts a day to beat Little Macs post count ? That would be extremly stupid. :smiley: And I didn’t say - add the minus rep. :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s like Soya said - not top priority :wink:

I`ll give Ganda 5$ for his mouter,or is that a bit much. ;D

are you sure ??? i think, we need it now 88) $5 for a (patent pending) mouter? >:(

Ok, Off topic (:TNG)

hey, if i may give a suggestion : WE NEED MORE SMILEYS ;D

I thought it was a good idea aswell when you first posted, the moderators go to so much trouble even uninstalling there programs and reinstalling to try and help.

A bit of topic but I have not seen any posts from Kail for some time?

Kail is probably LOA again. There are many others like that…