A small doubt about firewall

Earlier I used to get two alerts for my IE8 whenever I would open it.

  1. Loopback request
  2. Request for connection (only when I type an address in the address box)

Now, after updation to .828 I get only the loopback request alert. If I say ‘block’ the sites cannot be accessed. If I say ‘allow’ any sites will be accessed without any alert. The original request for ‘connection’ is now missing.

Additional information -

  1. I had updated the IE8 patch (cumulative) provided by Microsoft, so I am not sure whether this is because of any change in CIS or IE8.

  2. I don’t have any rule for IE8 either in Firewall or Defense+.

  3. I have the rule ‘trust applications from trusted vendors’ but AFAIK it is applicable only for Defense+.

  4. For Firewall I have ‘Custom Policy Mode’ rule.

So, is there any idea?