A small complaint

A friend recently uninstalled CIS and went to NSS by comcast. He said that the HIPS had blocked his Dell drivers for the dell printer Model V515w. I have the same printer so I installed comodo on that computer and HIPS came up with red alerts when you pressed print to print wirelessly thus triggering several firewall alerts. I am dissapointed that comodo has not whitelisted these drivers that are a couple years old.

Please submit them in this topic. Comodo receives so many files that it’s not possible for them to whitelist any but a fraction of them unless they are used by a very large number of people.

I think Dell products are used by a lot of people since Dell is a popular company

Please follow Chirons’s instructions and submit the drivers there.

The submissions in that topic helps Comodo to prioritize the 100.000+ unique files that come in through the Comodo Cloud servers per day.

May be Dell started using a new digital signature that is not on the TVL as of yet. When an executable is not on the TVL there will always be an amount of time between when a new and individual executable comes to the world and may get whitelisted (whitelisting is signature based and therefor, like av defintions, by definitions always running after the facts).

Without further information it is hard to tell what is going on. Me thinks that CIS is very quiet by default these days because of huge TVL and whitelist. But there will always situations where something is not known (yet)…

That’s why they need to change the way of whitelisting because MANY MANY apps can be whitelisted automatically if Comodo launches a file reputation service that for example whitelist every files used by 1 000 or 10 000 + users etc etc … Don’t you think this would dramatically improve whitelisting process ?
Or for example a system that detects wether a file had already been whitelisted in the past thus, it’s automatically rewhitelisted without any manual analysis … Then only a hundreds of files submitted on forum should be manually analysed …

see something like this but surely better with Comodo’s way

So if 1000 or 10000 users got the same malware, it would be whitelisted? Yeah that seems like a good idea!

If a file has been whitelisted in the past then it should still be whitelisted, if it has been updated then it’s not the same file and it could have been updated for malicious purposes.

Edit: However I believe that they could implement a file rating system that TELLS the use how many people has this file and how many trusted it and how many blocked it. But I do not think that it should be added to any whitelist, rather just for the user to see some statistics of other user’s actions.

Don’t see why “alerts” are such a big deal . Just click "remember this action and allow " . And it won’t happen anymore . And you can just send the info to be white listed if it annoyed you .

You make it sound so siimple, but there are a dozen things that can go wrong, and usually 1 or 2 things do go wrong. When things go wrong, they should be very clear and easy to fix, but unfortunately they aren’t.

Some people have issues with “remember this action and allow” not being remembered.