a small change in D+ makes a big impact

I see that Comodo has a malware scanner. How about improving it so that it scans all the programs that are newly introduced into the PC and the files which ask for internet access. It can then place a virus status message in the window which pops up to grant access to the program.

Thus it will complement as a great virus scanner but will use minimal resources since there is no on access scanning. The virus definitions can then be updated incrementally. The result will be a security suite which uses minimal resources and providing superior protection. I think this will very well complement the Clean PC System in use now.

The antivirusscanner is the on-demand scanner of CAVS3. It’s still in development but will further increase. I think in the end, CFP/CMF/CAVS3/CBo will be integrated in CFP (5 or something ;D)

So yes in the end, it will have on-acces scanning


Wow thats actually a very good idea.

  1. With the built in virusscanner Defence+ automatically knows when to deny actions from a certain file.
  2. With the built in virusscanner heurstics Defence+ can add ratings to the yes/no screen. This application is doing something unsafe, i would recommend no, what would you like to do yes/no (and in this case no is selected by default)

Woops, I totally forgot this thread :-[.

Anyway, just a little update.

Comodo will release in the near future CIS (Comodo Internet Security) wich will be an all in one free comodo combining pack.