a single setup for defense+ only

firewall → Someone thinks that it may slow down the internet connection.

anti-virus → Someone thinks that it may lead to high CPU usage.

Please add one item to the list in the pic.

“Install COMODO Sandbox”

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I do not get what exactly you were trying to say…

do you mean “ability to install just D+ without AV and FW” ?



At this point I would vote for no.

Although it looks to be fixed with V6, for right now certain types of keyloggers can log strokes from inside the sandbox. Thus the only thing stopping those particular samples from sending information out is the Firewall.

Thus I would not recommend installing Defense+ without the firewall.

Unless one wishes to use a different FW product for this 2nd layer of security…

After switching the configuration to proactive security, the firewall can be replaced by enabling the rule of “protected files”

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