A simple set of questions about Database Updates

I am one quite happy user of Comodo software - or rather, I was. Now I am a troubled user. Because I installed Comodo quite a long time ago, I had no idea, that initial updating, in the meantime, became such a cumbersome effort. As you all probably know by now, I reinstalled Windows few days ago, and I am very dissapointed with the speed of the process - and its effectiveness. The questions are simple.
1)Is there a way to update a database to at least moderately up-to-date state by downloading file/files/anything and doing it offline later?
2)If no, is that feature going to appear soon in a shape of confirmed, stable, non-beta functionality?

I am really a bit frustrated at the moment, so I am very looking forward to getting an answer to these questions. Ah, by the way, I looked for them at the forum. All I found are reasons to believe that these questions were asked often and ignored. Will someone prove me wrong, please?


As fas I know there will be a feature in CIS upcoming version to update your CIS installation through a saved definition file somewhere saved on your local hard drive or extern drive. For now the only way to update your installation is via the build in update mechanism…

I wish you a nice day!


Ah, that would be satisfying solution. Is there any known timeframe for launching this version into public use?

Or in other words, when can I (safely) start telling my friends to use Comodo AV, because now they would definitely feel I gave them wrong advice :smiley:

I am srry I am not in the position to answer that question precisely, but I can give you an indication: somewhere in the beginning of next year, CIS 4 will be launched and that version will probably support off line updating… But again, I am not 100% sure about this…

hi, u need to hurry up with this 1, u cant make users download all updates again when u install a new OS, kaspersky had this option from day 1 its not rocket science!!!
cheers james

As a workaround you can save your bases.cav (in the scanners folder) and copy it back after you freshly installed CIS; you need to disable Defense + temporarily to do this.

how to save the base in scaner folder?i realy wha tto knwo this as it is too hard to update yr new database, so in any case i hav to reistall my CIS how would this help me?