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Hi. I reinstall CF with the latest 5.4 version. I preferred to do this. As in v 5.3 my configuration is Proactive Security. Now I have some ( portable ) launchers that CF doesn’t recognize as trust apps. These apps MUST be considered as System apps and NOT trusted ( v. 5.3 ) to avoid at every launch the pop-up; CF ( D+ ) doesn’t remember my answer ( as trusted )! I don’t believe the difference between Trusted and System Apps may be considered relelevant ( VT and ThreathExpert reports ). Does any know the reason of this behaviour from 5.3 to 5.4? Thanks.

Ah I forgot to say that I added manually the launchers to trusted files.

Are the rules for these launchers somewhere underneath the All Applications rule? Then move them to a place above All Applications rule; when rules are underneath it they will follow the rule set by the All Applications rule.

A jpg is probabily better …

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Do you have a rule for All Applications? See attached image.

With me you see Avert.exe under the All Applications rule. When it is under that rule I can set any policy for Avert.exe but it will never follow that policy. It will follow the rule set by All Applications.

If in your situation your launchers are under the All Application Rule please move them to a place above the All Applications rule.

With the Trusted Application policy programs are not allowed to start another program without permission from the user. With the Windows System Application program are allowed to start other programs and the user will not be alerted. That did not change from v5.3 to v5.4.

When you run your launchers as Trusted Applications you will be alerted when the launcher starts a program. Then allow and tell to remember the answer. Then you will no longer be alerted.

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I follow yor istructions, but CF doesn’t recognize nor the launcher, nor the executable and neither remember the answer. So the apps are still SystemApp or Installation or Update. I’ ll probably have to personalize, if possible.