A simple feedback and a couple of suggestions.

Hi everyone.

I’ve been Comodo user for a long time now. I believe that Comodo’s firewall is one of the best out there. Despite some negative posts I decided to try the newest version. I use only the firewall part of CIS with Sandbox disabled, I prefer the “old fashion” 2-way firewall, and all the settings custom since I never use the default settings in any programs. I must say the firewall continues to be a great piece of software. It runs smoothly and without any problems. The new theme is not bad either.

Although the core application is excellent the UI, and more specifically the layout of Summary tab, is poorly designed with useless information occupying space. IMHO, to make the Summary tab more functional/organized the Highlights should be replaced with something like Version Information which would contain the firewall version and the date it was released/updated (i.e. FW 4.x.x - 01/01/2010) and the anti-virus version and the date it was released/updated (i.e. AV 4.x.x - 01/01/2010). When clicking on the version numbers of FW and AV the updates for each would be triggered. The Highlights should be either moved under the More… tab or removed completely. It does not contain anything that users look for when they visit the Summary tab.

The Subscription Information should be also moved under More… tab. Live Support it’s not a core component of the CIS but a service therefore the More… tab would be more logical place for it. It’s like help but live and help is usually found in More/Extras/Misc sections. Not to mention that big “Live Support” button looks awful and doesn’t match anything at all.

This way when opening the main CIS window (Summary tab) users would have all the information available to them in one place (System Status, Network Defense, Proactive Defense, Virus Defense, Traffic, Versions Information). I guess the Sandbox Information could be added to the Summary tab as well since it is a CIS component. It could take the Subscription Information’s place. I believe that Summary tab should be reserved for crucial CIS information.

It would be nice if Comodo adopted (at least for public use) smaller version numbers (4-digit maybe?) which would look better and would be easier to remember.

Also, I hope that Comodo will continue to offer off-line full installers… I really dislike web installers.

Thank you for your hard work.

Best regards.

i think a version number like Avasts numbering system.