A setting to add "Add to My Own Safe Files" to context menu in explorer

As title said, so that user has the ability to add files to “Safe Files” from file explorer. It will be convenient when dealing with bunch of executable files in program files.

Second one is when adding files from “My Own Safe Files” window, add an option to Add Only Executable Files, instead of add all files from a selected folder.

+1 for this. Currently to add a file to Safe Files, you must:

  1. Wait till an alert is triggered
  2. Open Safe files from the D+ Meny, which takes quite some time

I think a context menu item in Explorer to "Add to Safe Files’ or “Add to Untrusted Files” would be great

When there is an unknown program detected and sandboxed byt the BB. You can go to the advanced settings and under file rating you will see unrecognized files were you can move to trusted of blocked files.

Yes, I’d welcome this.

[at]kstev you don’t have to wait for an alert to be triggered, you can add the file beforehand, but even so a context menu in explorer would be very handy.

I wipe/restore my C drive regularly and use a lot of portable software so being able to right-click and add to Trusted before running a prog for the first in a new restore would be brilliant.