A seperate sandbox for downloads

So I have a suggestion that will knock your socks off. A sandboxed "download basket"that would sandbox all infectable files, either downloaded through a web browser, a P2P, or torrent application. They are placed into a sandbox that is accessible from an icon on the taskbar or desktop, or within the program’s GUI. So in the case that a user downloads a virus, it will try to run, but be trapped inside the sandbox.

Opening the “basket” will have a list of every single file that is downloaded from the internet, categorized by the program that downloaded it, and type…with the option to move the file out of the sandbox at any time.

It would make CIS all the better.

Let’s call it a “Sandbasket”.

This is an extra add-on - CIS is already running a similar (sandbox intercept everything that tries to run, it does not need a special place).

PS: -1 yes, +1 no (I mark the wrong set by mistake) :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Alex.

With Comodo, if I visit a site and get a driveby download, what happens? The file is saved to to the HARD DRIVE, checked, sandboxed, but still allowed to run even though my browser isn’t being sandboxed! Based on the level of security for sandboxed files. On the other hand, if I sandbox the browser, then nothing, not even bookmarks, can be saved. It’s all or nothing 88)

If the file is ok’ed by me, I move it out of the sandbox and then I can have a seperate set of rules after it’s out of the sandbox. While it’s still inside the sandbox it should not be allowed to run the same way a file would be that’s already out of the sandbox.

Maybe that I’m just not that familiar with the way the sandbox works , it seems that if the program itself is sandboxed nothing can be moved out of it.