A separate GUI/installer for the CIS Diagnostics feature

I know that the CIS repair files are put in the …\Comodo Internet Security\Repair\ folder. I’d like to have one more .exe file there (or anywhere easy to find), which you could run as a separate Diagnostics tool to repair your CIS installation. In case the CIS GUI (cfp.exe) won’t work, this could be useful, as you’re only able to run the Diagnostics from the CIS GUI today (as far as I know).

:-TU or :-TD? Please vote. :slight_smile:


EDIT: To make the .exe easily accessible, you could include a shortcut to it in the start menu program group.

I think this is a good idea, I see no problem in having an additional separate repair executable… :-TU

I don’t like downloading two things. I have a very slow connection, and I like to have one packed up installer. It also could be a hassle for new users that need help…

Just my 2 dollars. :slight_smile:

You’re misunderstanding, I mean that the extra installer would be included in the main CIS package. Any user, novice or experienced, download and install the CIS installer just like today, and then get’s an extra repair-installer with a shortcut included. That’s the idea.


In my opinion the one reason for separated “Diagnostics” with shortcut is the ability to start it when main program is crashed (or not started). But, have not we it now? Seems I launched Diagnostics.exe directly from Comodo folder a couple times. ))) It is enough to add the shortcut in Windows menu. Is not?

Which folder do you mean? The Repair folder? I happened to delete all files (except trusted.tvl) in my Repair folder so I haven’t seen it.

Please confirm that you can run the Diagnostics tool from the folder (preferably with the main CIS GUI closed). If so, I’ll have to edit my wish and restrict it to shortcuts only. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for any confusion caused by this wish :-[)


No! No! Be careful.
First it was in Comodo Firewall dayes (not CIS) And I was newbie for comodo and I had problems with internet connection.
Second I do not remember what exactly I launched. Only for testing is everything okay not for repairing.
I started it from GUI and separately (seems from main comodo firewall folder). BUT! Maybe it was ANOTHER application and I am confusing things
Third maybe I do not understand this talking and maybe also I am expressing my thoughts erroneously.

Why not just do this if it crashes; Ctrl Alt Del → new task ( Run ) → cfp.exe
That should start the GUI to use the manual repair function… Also I don’t think there has been a reported case (that I’ve seen) That someone can’t open the GUI after it’s “crashed” ?

Maybe it works for most people, however, maybe not everone…

Besides, maybe this could be used to repair CIS in Windows Safe Mode as CIS doesn’t load in Safe Mode (maybe you can launch cfp.exe manually though, I don’t know).


Posted by: LeoniAquila
Please confirm that you can run the Diagnostics tool from the folder…

I just have checked my old comodo firewall (ver.3.0) - there is cfpconfg.exe in comodo folder and it can be started separately. But is seems a light diagnostic tool.

About Diagnostics/Repair my home user experience says next.
The Diagnostics utility is very useful for newbies - when user has connections problems and gets lost does not know what to do where to check - when comodo tells - “I am OK”. In my case it said me “I am incorrect installed. Do repair? Now I am okay, I am not responsible for this problem”
What about Repairing I do not sure - for beginners maybe useful (See above). Now I personally me as worldly-wise home user immediately start to uninstall and install again or can unceremoniously press “Format C:” also.

Posted by: Kyle
Why not just do this if it crashes; Ctrl Alt Del → new task ( Run ) → cfp.exe

It maybe cfp.exe corrupted or infected.

Thank you.

I was thinking of this too when posting my reply to Kyle. But then I thought, the risk of cfp.exe getting infected, should be minimal thanks to Defense+. How files get corrupted is beyond my knowledge.

Still I think there might be a point in having the possibility to launch CIS Diagnostics and Repair, separately, without having the cfp.exe GUI running.


I just tried to imagine things, fantastic situations.
Independent self-governing utility could repair even cfp.exe what is impossible when it is launched by cfp.exe
In any case the ability to start it separately gives more flexibility.

Yes cfp.exe opens in safe mode (although the drivers dont load)

“Maybe it works for some people” “but maybe not everyone” I don’t recall anyone ever having troubling loading up the GUI?

Sorry LA but I don’t see any need for this :frowning: Using the repair function from CIS window should be fine without adding a needless .exe