A security question

If my isp uses only ipv4 but on network adapters ipv6 is enabled.
On comodo i don’t use Enable IPv6 filtering
If someone attack me with ipv6 im being vulnerable if i don’t enable on comodo: Enable IPv6 filtering ?
Because i don’t like see those complicated ipv6 on connection monitor.
I apologize for my english.

Hackers have devised a way to use secret tunnels to send IPv6 traffic over IPv4, slipping viruses and spyware through the toughest network defenses

because if i don’t think bad all ipv6 packet need to be tramuted on ipv4 packets and so comodo are protected even without activating the ipv6 filter right?.
because i think you know windows 7 have that enabled by default and if you disable you can’t use some services on local computers.

If you’re not actively using IPv6, I’d suggest disabling the protocol stack in the Operating System, at least until the next version of CIS is released.

To disable tunnelling copy and past the following at a command prompt:

netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disable
netsh interface ipv6 6to4 set state state=disabled
netsh interface ipv6 isatap set state state=disabled
netsh interface ipv6 set teredo disabled

This is fully reversible for when your ISP finally offers IPv6. You can also disable other aspects of IPv6, by simply unchecking the box on the network adapter, or by making some registry changes. There’s some information here It needs updating but it’s still useful.

Thank you so much radaghast.
Did you know is sufficient just disabling from adapter with a single click(like a doing in the past) ?
Anyway like your avatar you are very specialized about ipv6 thank you very much radaghast.
Also radaghast did you think disable emulated ipv6 some access aren’t accessible?or nothing change because need a native ipv6 for connect to others ipv6 on the net

I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say “emulated ipv6” perhaps you mean tunnelled IPv6? If you’re using Windows 7, tunnelling is enabled by default, so there’s a good chance you’re already using IPv6, even if your ISP doesn’t yet support it.

Thanks i just wanna know if disabling ipv6 with a single click from adapter im protected from ipv6 attacks
or i need to uninstal and re-install it when it needed

You can’t ‘uninstall’ IPv6 from Windows 7, it shares the same files as IPv4. The best you can do is disable parts of it. However, as I mentioned in my reply to your PM, unless you have native IPv6 from your ISP, you’re only reachable from the Internet via a tunnel. So, disabling the tunnelling interfaces should be sufficient, but there’s no harm unchecking the IPv6 box on the adapter as well.

thank you so much radaghast
what do you think about comodo install firewall driver on network adapter?
for you it’s better a firewall that dosnt install firewall driver on network adapter
or comodo? why?

Anyway comodo is great im become paranoid since on 2005 when i was a novice on computers world.
I was installed on the pc norton internet security.
His ‘‘AUTOMATION’’ of norton internet security become an hacker enter on my pc and delete my files and writed me a text files with laughs: ah ah ah ah just because the ‘‘AUTOMATION’’ of norton let this metasploit backdoor access on my pc.
Comodo it’s full personal you have full of control of what try or want receive connections from internet you can setting to don’t see the annoyng messages of zone alarm example
these annoying things.
You can with a single click allow otbount connections or inbound.
You can personalize the ports used by programs for outbound and inbound
You have global rules for block or allowing something for all applications.
And comodo for the novice on the computers world it’s a gift from the sky.
If i was on 2005 again and geek buddy exists i buy geek buddy and i learn trough geek buddy how to use a computer on the net.
And with cloud scanner real time updated and virus don’t have possibilites of beig undetect for long time.
But now im watchout everytime with executable files and comodo help me in case something want calling home for doing evil things.(or even if the software come from a trust source i block it because i don’t know his intentions or i want more privacy example a audio player that they can see your musical tastes :smiley: lol im so paranoid.