a second LAN appeared in cis5

Hi eveyone

After updating fron V4 to V5, CIS identified a second LAN which is IP In[]. Searching the net tells me is a blackhole adress. Has anyone the same problem? What to do with this strange LAN? Block it? Is this some sort of an attack?

Another strange thing is each time I launch IE7, Defense+ says IE ask to modify regitry keys to proxy server, proxy enable, proxy override. I never saw these alerts with CIS4. Does anyone know what prompt them?

I am confused and will be gratefull for help.

Note that i did’nt active the Comodo DNS secure service.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to the forum Boris 3 :slight_smile:

Please read here

A lot protections have been added in CIS 5 though if you have Defense+ in Safe mode you should not have these alerts.


Thanks a lot for your help Dennis2. I followed your advice and the firewall resume its normal functionning. After, I removed the second LAN and Cis did’nt detect it anymore.

For the asking of modify registry keys for proxy, I set Defense+ in clean PC mode instead of parano. Apparently Cis resolve the problem because the promt did’nt appear anymore even after resuming the parano mode.

Again many thanks.