A search result rating program like McAfee SiteAdvisor?

That would be quite useful, especially if it was a builtin option of CIS

The problem is that it could block some legit and ok sites. Or, like what happens with SiteAdvisor, site ‘A’ links to a “bad site,” site ‘B’. SiteAdvisor rates site ‘A’ as bad now. Site ‘A’ sees their mistake, and removes the offending link. But it will take a longgg time (maybe 100 days) before SiteAdvisor checks it again.

Or (again), site ‘Z’ is clean. SiteAdvisor (I’ll call it SA now) rates it as clean. But then site ‘Z’ puts malicious code in the webpage, and users think they are safe because SA didn’t say it was a bad site. It will take a long time for SA to re-rate the page.

So the best way is to just “protect” the user from the threats, and not to decide if the site is bad.

If you really want something of that nature, may I suggest Finjan SecureBrowsing?

Do you use it? Has anyone else? I want some “reliable” recommendations. :slight_smile:

I’m reliable ;D

When I used Firefox/IE, I used the WOT (Web of Trust) extension. It’s similar to SA in that it uses user opinions, but it also gets ratings from sights like hpHosts, MVP’s Hosts, and Malware Domains :wink:

I use Opera now, but I still use the WOT Bookmarklet whenever I’m not sure about a site :slight_smile:


Beanie :slight_smile:

I saw a review from a while ago which said it was pretty bad, I was going to try it but since the lack of any good recent reviews I didn’t bother

I’m currently using LinkScanner Lite on one PC but since XPL was aquired by AVG you can’t download it from their site anymore and I imagine any updates will only be available in the AVG version (which comes with AVG Antivirus and you have to buy it :frowning: )

Yes I use it. I would not have suggested it otherwise.

Comodo is meant to be building some sort of website vulnerability scanning which I think is a far better dececion than a community based rating system… How ever there has not been any word on development progress for some months.

Thanks for reminding me, Kyle. Yes, the approach was to input the website in question, the test software would check to see if it or its links were considered safe, if I remember correctly.
It would be interesting to know how this project is progressing.

ok here it is…

Still some work to be done…
but this is a realtime check of an URL.
It checks if the Site is Malicious… (not if the site has malicious content). (there is a big difference).

play around and see… this will be a part of the overall search result rating product. We intend to check these URLs at least daily. However we are still long way away from this. This is just an alpha service to play with… Enjoy and we would welcome any feedback on this as to how we can improve it.


That’s good. Melih is this an updated version of the one a couple of months ago? Are there anymore keyelements to be added into this? :slight_smile:

So will this be a kind of FSB, SA, WOT comodo super hybrid?

No, Nothing like WOT (I havn’t tried the others)
The program will not rely on comunity raitings, It will scan the site to see if it will attack you.

Note. There is a difference between sites hosting malware and an attack site.

I think it will be a bit like “Finjan SecureBrowsing”, which scans websites for malicious ‘attacks’ on a search page. (John B. told me about it, see above.)

i dont think “community rating” is unuseful. the point is “how to rate”.
surfing with “overprotection” may bring down UE.

i think most “lazy” users more like surfing following other’s suggestion.

I think community raiting does have it’s place and ccan be useful… But not in terms of security.

Forexample - No doubt Youtube is rated safe. Now lets say Youtube gets exploited - It still rates it as safe.

Yes thats why I asked if it would be multifunctional