A request for Comodo

Please participate in this test. It will be good in my opinion.

CIS does not block the “direct keyboard access” and the “direct monitor access”
when the “partially limited” is enabled.


They usually don,t test direct keyboard access, rather memory modification as I know.

I would like to see a real world test of a " banker" against CIS with its " new" default settings !
and by a banker i mean password theft Trojans which, once launched, do a search for any saved passwords which are previously stored in the browser and send them to a remote host 88)
if some1 possesses the necessary equipment, please urge to do this test as it will tell if we are still safe, by default, from one of the most threatening Trojans nowadays !

Given the history between Comodo and MRG,I think it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll participate in this test,even though it looks interesting.

CIS just popups one alert window, banker.exe wants to access the network.


consider reading my comment again as you may have failed to spot the " default settings " part :smiley:
if u have such a thing, please send it to a mod here with a virtual machine, I have no problem with trust so any1 would fit, and ask him to do the experiment, otherwise, let’s us hope that " the default restrictions" would b able to block it from " reading " the files as I’m afraid it would allow it to do so :frowning: