A RAID controller is detected

I have CTM installed on my Dell PC with W7 and everything is fine.

When I try and install CTM on my Gateway PC with W7 I get this image.
What do I do next?


If there is no RAID on your PC, you can continue installing CTM.

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And why CTM is detecting a RAID controller then? Is it a bug?

Because I presume if you have raid controller on your motherboard even though you do not use it, it is still will be detected.

I could be wrong, but I have not install on my desktop because of this.

I would like to disable it, shows on boot ever time, but have not found out how yet.


I really don’t know if I have RAID or not. I didn’t even know what RAID was until I looked over at Wikipedia. Now I am even more confused.
Maybe I can find out if I look up the PC. It’s a Gateway DX 4822-01, Desktop with Genuine Windows® 7 operating system and the Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor1. Plus, 6GB RAM with a 1TB hard drive3.

If only one hard disk, we can sure it is not a RAID.

Ok, Thanks for making it simple. I only have 1 hard drive. So I don’t have RAID.

I do use a Seagate external to back up my PC but it is not plugged in all the time.
Usually on Sunday morning if I do back up.