a question

i’m using avast 4,i can use cav?

Avast 4.8 is better than CAVS 2 so I don’t see a point for U to use it. But CAVS 3 should be way better. :wink: CAVS 3 will come up as BETA at the end of this month. :slight_smile:

I’m using cavas BETA sience yesterday

Is CAVAS Beta is only an ANTI-VIRUS ??? Or it is an anti-spyware too???

Do I Need to download An anti-spyware like spybot or spyware terminator to help CAVAS beta ???
or cavas beta is not only an antivirus but also an antispyware too ???

what obout trojans ??? do i need to set up an anti-trojans to help CAVAS beta or Cavas beta could protect me from trojans ??

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