A question to Comodo Developers.

??? I have been testing 3.991 for almost a week now and all is well on the western front. especially happy with lack of pop ups and stateful scanning is neat. However during this time since downloading it and today, version 3.994, i hav lost sight of threatcast altogether. It worked after a fix and re install in 3.8 but has not since. Therefore i am asking for the exact reason if its known at this stage what is wrong, do we have another bug, or is there a technical reason why its been disabled temporarily perhaps, if so why?. Some say it “comes and goes” (shades of Boy George there i think!) but am keen to see it working in all versions without too many stoppages, as it seems since it was integrated, it has been a problem for a great many users, in its “work one day dont work the next” kind of way.

I am extremely happy with Cis as a whole and would not consider any other suite, and have not experienced too many bugs, but this feature if it stays in Cis has to work properly all the time or we may as well not bother with it. This is the only aspect of Cis which i find frustrating rather than annoying.

Regards “Forever the optimist”


It might be best to post threads concerning the beta in the beta forum.

Beta Corner - CIS

The Threatcast service has been down for the past few days