A question regards Threatfire and Geswall.

Hello all. I understand Comodo is going to integrate a behavior blocker and a sandbox into version 4. This makes me wonder whether i will get any extra protection or usability from downloading the above programs either together or one of them and running them alongside Cis.

I am wondering as Cis think its nessasary for extra security, what is wrong in adding free security in the form of threatfire as its a pretty decent behavior blocker, and Geswall as i understand it works like a sandbox of sorts.

I say all this as i wonder what forum members think of this. Is it overkill?. If so, why do Comodo think its a good idea to integrate these types of programs.

My intention is temporary until Comodo actually do integrate and subject to testing and usabillity i will most probably just use the new version with the new additions as Cis is always my first choice suite.

What do you think Guys?.


I think comodo is good to have alone. I like the fact that it has a 3 layer defense

1.) Firewall
2.) AntiVirus
3.) Defense +

I think comodo would be fine and has very good defense. using threatfire or geswall could use alot of ram which would make you have a slow pc, and might conflict with each other.

No google Wilders there are some pretty good setups with ThreatFire and GeSWall.

From the defense + settings tick only:
a) shitdown/close processes
b) DNS/RPS service
c) Com interface
d) Direct screen access

ThreatFire will handle all the other calls in a smart way, also change my protected files as outlined here https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/more_quiet_and_stronger_setp_for_cav_than_default_settings-t43518.0.html .

Make sure to tell the antivirus not to check GeSWall directory in C:\Windows\etc, also tell ThreatFire that other security programs are trusted. Important change fo rthreatFire is select: set restore point before quarantain.
You can also tell D+ to not look at the Temp and Temp internet directories (GeSWall paralised malware no mather what).

RAM is for most of us not important, what really counts is low disk access and MB read/written by an applications as are CPU spikes. Programs with low CPU spike, low I/O will much faster than programs with low RAM and/or lower totalled CPU time.

Next set CIS to clean PC mode

a) poodown/close processes = shutdown/close processes (sorry for the typo)