A question regarding "DACS".

Hi Guys. I have picked up from the forums that technology called “DACS” is to be introduced to increase Cavs detection rate.Firstly i wonder what Dacs stands for, does anyone have a clue?. This appears to be a closely guarded secret at the moment and as far as i can tell the Mods have an idea what it might be that is going to “Guarantee the best detection in the world” as one of the mods stated.

That is a bold statement perhaps indicating that behind closed doors testing has already taken place to compare Cavs/Dacs with other Avs out there. Its seems to me, that would be the only way to make statements like that and be confident that Cavs would return consistently better detection rates than say Gdata which consistently returns around the 99.8% mark and along with Avira seem to be the highest in terms of pure detection.

If we state that no Av can achieve 100% and perhaps never will ( will/can Dacs achieve the improbable methinks ;D), then Cavs would have to match Gdata ect and increase detection further by .2% to achieve the ultimate.Lots of tests have been done by Mrg and similar where Cavs has achieved perfectly respectable rates in my opinion which seem to vary according to how many samples are used and who conducts the tests under which conditions.

Generally i see between 98.5% and 99.6% the best i have seen, and those figures are better than some big names out there.However it seems to me that until such time as Cavs is tested by Av- Comparitives then a lot of potential users will not take Comodo seriously, and shy away.

This is where i am prepared as a long time user of the whole suite to be astonished by the the results of testing Dacs and those results to be shoved down certain throats!.I look forward to that!.

Finally i do not think that Melih or the Mods would make statements about providing the best detection rates out there without being 100% sure as to the effectiveness of the “secret weapon” that is about to be unleashed, without being prepared for ridicule from certain quarters, which would ineviteably be the case if Dacs does not deliver after all . All the aformentioned gives me confidence that good things are just around the corner.

I guess you have been reading the posts of some of Wilders best known trolls.

:-TU@James France. Actually you are right. One of the statements i read was from Wilders but i would hardly describe him as a troll, as it was from Dragons Forever, a Comodo Forum member and Mod!.


I didn’t mean Josh lol. ;D

Eice up to his old tricks.

;D @JamesFrance. Yup. Eice again!.


The Definition of the Abbreviation is Currently a Secret.

And the technology Details Are Clandestine Still.

The only people who know the details are those with the Ultra-supra-mega-top-secret security clearance.

For now, we have to wait in anticipation until the info is de-classified.


Could you post a link to where you found it?

Or cleaning capabilities of CAV.
It was posted by Melih some days ago.

Found it :slight_smile:
And also this (DACS, spelled backwards)

Yes…Lord DACS is going to help us all! Thank Lord DACS!!!

Lord DACS is coming :slight_smile:

Due to legal work (patent and other), we can’t reveal how it works to public. But our moderators have been informed about what this capability is. I think they like it :wink:

We will inform public as soon as we are able to. Until then we have to keep it under wraps.



From what I heard His Lordship seems to be a bit of a flamboyant character; likes to stir up things…

I’m sure he’s a lovely chap that plays nice with the other kids. :wink:

cis just keeps getting better and better. new detection module and redesigned threatcast and i read somewhere that we will be able to change the summary page to show what we want. cant wait to see all this implimented. the last thing i would love to see is this:



then comodo will be perfect. very exciting to see the future of comodo.

keep up the great work Melih and comodo team

I must say Wilders does make for good reading with your coffee though. ;D Thats all I am going to say on it.

They will have to get used to him. He will be misunderstood in the beginning I’m afraid.

It’s funny how many people slam Wilders, yet they obviously still are reading it, so it can’t be that bad. As it stands it is pretty much the only general malware forum, at least in terms of a large user base with lots of activity. It is the best place to go to find out about new program releases, and unbiased information(in terms of forum moderation) on those programs. Obviously going to individual forums like here, Avast, AVG, etc you will get mostly one sided viewpoints. So the worth of these forums is limited to those products.

It’s like comparing the full newspaper to just the sports section. Sometimes you want/need general news. Other times you just want to read about the sports.

They will understand it…but will choose to misunderstand it :wink:


Now this is getting exciting but irritating too. So when the DACS mystery unfolds.

DACS - D etect A nd C lean S ystem ???

Hav Fun

I agree I like keeping up on new developments and the next great thing that comes out.

conspiracy theory ???