A question on Image Execution Control

Can anyone tell me whether should I use the aggressive level of Image Execution Control or not (just normal)?

Does the normal one protect me against threats like conficker which uses dll (and run on other exe) instead of exe to execute itself? Or do I need to use the aggressive one, which protects against prefetches?

There are just too much popups if I use the aggresive one :frowning:

Thanks in advance ;D ;D ;D

To use an analogy, should you use a 3 point seat belt or 5 point security harness and helmet when driving your car? If you race the car, the option 2 is better.

Similarly, if your computer usage is safe (no dodgy sites, no pirated software etc) then the less agressive mode is OK. On the other hand, if you use your PC in a more β€œrisky” way, then you have to increase the protection level.

Hope it makes sense