A question for the programmers/developers

Upon downloading and installing the latest version of CSC I just happened to be watching it while it updated its installed programs list. I noticed that it was downloading cleaning rules for a lot of programs I installed a long time ago that I no longer have. (I like to try stuff :wink: ) This started me on a crusade to find out where the heck these entries are stored because I like to keep my registry clean (Ergo CSC) and I had no idea that there was still some sort of log left over for these. I decided if I was going to be diving this deep in the registry I would need a better program than regedit so I decided to โ€œtryโ€ a little freeware program called regseeker. Because CSC updated so fast and the CSC programs database is a little cryptic I had to look in my temp files to see the infs for the programs that were no longer installed but still noticed by CSC. I searched for the names of some of the programs (Xplorer2, and smartftp to name a few) and the only clear text records regseeker was showing were keys in my HKLM\System\ControlSet002\Enum\PCI\Venโ€ฆ I opened them up in regedit to look at them normally and the keys that regseeker was finding were not visible in regedit.

My question is how does CSC get its list of programs installed on my computer that it needs infs for. I cant find any information on why those keys are hidden in my controlset. I have read that ControlSet002 is the last known good configuration control set. When I attempt to export the keys from regedit there is no additional information that shows the hidden keys. Is it an Alternate data stream? Any information on any of those questions I would greatly appreciate.


CSC gets the list of applications installed in your computer using our application database.
In the DB we have a set of definitions for each program which allow us to determine if an application is installed or not. This definitions are custom for each application.

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