A question about updating comodo

I currently have comodo firewall I also read that comodo CIS 3.5 has comodo 3.5 firewall included. I have the following questions:

  1. Will I be able to eventually update my version of comodo firewall to 3.5 via the update feature? Or will I have to uninstall and install the new version when It comes out.

  2. Will comodo firewall 3.5 be available as a stand alone download or will I have to download CIS 3.5?

Hi viper, Welcome to the forums!

You do need to uninstall CFP 3.0x and then install CIS 3.5, Since it is a major update. And CIS does have the stand a lone Firewall in it, All you gotta do is on the CIS installation is check “COMODO Firewall” only, And after you will have 3 options for the Firewall:

  1. Firewall Only (No Defense+).
  2. Optimum Proactive Defense+. b[/b]
  3. Max Defense+ & Firewall.

The middle one is recommended and is selected by default, since there are many bug fixes not only in CIS, but also in the Firewall & Defense, improvements too. So basically you can install Comodo Firewall using the same set up.


If I have to uninstall my old Comodo Firewall before installing the new CIS 3.5, how can I mantain my old settings?

CIS is now out.

Just go to Miscellaneous>Manage my Configurations & Export your settings. Then uninstall CFP 3, install CIS 3.5 and import your settings the same way.

Also from FAQ:

3 - When will the updates be available?
Depending on your location, you should be able to get the updates starting from 10/28/2008, Tuesday.
(This is for automatic updates).

4 - Am I going to lose my previous settings if I update?
COMODO Firewall users will be able to keep their original settings. However CAV2 users will lose the old settings.

So if you want to wait for the auto updates on Tuesday, you can.


OK, I will wait Tuesday.
But this part of your reply may be misleading

viper: Will I be able to eventually update my version of comodo firewall to 3.5 via the update feature?

3xist: You do need to uninstall CFP 3.0x and then install CIS 3.5, Since it is a major update.

So it is not necessary to uninstall but I can update my CFP via the “Check for Updates” feature of Comodo Firewall Pro.
Am I right?

Export… Network Security or Optimum Security? Which one of the two?

Thanks for your answer (:WIN)

You have to make a clean installation of CIS with out importing anything from CFP.

There is a major issue in the updating and importing system and if you import your previous configuration or just update through built-in updater then you will lose a lot of security updates…

More information about this issue you will find here.

Well guys… one of you says one thing, the other one says the opposite ???

Sorry hullboy.

forty_7 is right.


what kinda update is this we can’t update from CFP i don’t understand why push a update out on the 28th if it is going to mess up allot people systems? i was told i could update from CFP now we can’t?

So the bug persists both in making an automatic update (when available) from within the firewall and/or in importing the exported configuration?

Bellow are some links to posts made about this issue, you might want to look at them. Look at the dates of these posts as well.

Re: new reg key to monitor
Re: Important registry keys that CFP 3.x should protect!
Re: COMODO Firewall has been released !

Thanks fOrTy_7, I’ve made a clean install as you said. (:CLP) because I saw that what you said is correct… a lot of default “security rules” were lost after the Import
But I wonder why here they open threads about bugs and, then, they don’t do anything to fix those that were reported ???
Your suggestion to split the “rules” in “default COMODO rules” and “User defined rules” is the solution

Thanks for your advice, otherwise I (and a lot of other people here) would have made a mess (:WIN)

Precisely! I have hardened lots of my rules to allow only the specific IP or URL desired, and updating without these preferences (or updating with them, thus losing the increased security) is annoying… The price of security, i guess…

EDIT: BTW, if CIS has surpassed CPF, and CPF won’t be updated, why are there still links to the CPF download page from the main site?

this sucks so i have to completely uninstall it and reinstall the new one this is a hassle for me and it really sucks.

look at the highlighted line 4 it says that regular CFP user will not lose there settings so which is true will we or will we not?

i have read the thread, and there does seem to be conflicting information. in addition to the red lines above, you read things like this:

that says nothing about some things being imported, it says “clean installation…without importing anything…if you import your previous configuration…you will lose a lot of security updates.” so they questions are fully valid.

i would say there fully valid as well i want to know one moderator says that we can update and CFP 3 user will not loose anything and another one says that if we update we will loose stuff. so all i asking which is it will we loose info and security or will CFP 3 user be fine like the post i quoted above says.

When I was using Comodo and used the auto updater I never had issues with loosing settings. This is why also Comodo has an import and export feature. Simply export your config and save it. Then import it after updating and apply it. This also apply to full uninstalls and reinstalls. if your worried about loosing settings the export your settings. Simple as that.

The problem, Vettetech, is that when you Import your settings you lose part of the “Default settings” 88)

[ at ] frogger
forty7 is not a Mod
3xist is a Global Mod and said that forty7 is right :’(

The sentence is true. You won’t lose your current settings and I never said that. You will lose updated predefined by Comodo rules which tells Defense+ what to monitor. And believe me, there has been a lot of them added to CF 3.5. In a matter of fact you can also lose cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe process termination protection since absolute paths to these files have been changed. And unless Comodo has some ‘configuration migration’ tool, of which existence I doubt. Otherwise it would be included into current CIS build.

So putting it even more simple. If you use built-in updater or you import your previous configuration then you may as well scratch this from changelog:

IMPROVED! Default security policies are optimized to protect new COM interfaces/registry keys/files

[ at ]hullboy: I think he refered to egemen and 3xist.