a question about the security issues of routers

these days i have heard a lot of reports about the security issues of routers we are using.it is said that most brands of routers have a lot of vulnerabilities.if so how should we use routers in our daily life to keep our computer safe?
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Other than keeping your router updated the only thing I can think of is to disable remote access from the Internet.

Are there certain companies/products which are more secure than others?

I ask because I may be purchasing a new router soon, and I would like to have this sort of information in order to make the best decision.


I’ve been happy using a Netgear router for the last year, plenty of security options to look at. Always deactivate WPS in any router as that’s an insecure method of connecting.

To my knowledge there are no differences in this respect. With consumer grade routers the firmware support of fixing issues is relatively limited in time. :-\

When choosing a consumer grade router I use www.smallnetbuilder.com .

Changing the default password and username :slight_smile:

This also affects all internet facing security cameras and any other device which can be access through the internet.