A question about the latest update

Could somebody tell me if the latest update sorts out the issue with Avast 7?


Yes it does :slight_smile: Be happy :slight_smile:

Excellent, thanks for the reply.

Are you sure this has corrected the issue? I just checked with a program and it still connected after I checked block the connection.

Yes it’s official from the Comodo staff not from me. Avast 7 issue was fixed in version 5.12.

?? - Have you got a link to that? - The last I heard was that version 6 may provide the solution …


It should be fixed with V 5.12 as well.

Finally found it. :slight_smile:

Here you are:


Thank you very much to both of you for the time taken to answer (and find the link).

Would you advise to update to 5.12 (I use W7) or wait for version 6? - I have had that security hole with AVAST for some time so a little while longer wouldnt make much difference … (is version 6 out soon?)


We don’t know when version 6 will be out. In the interim, you could always disable the web filter…

You are welcome :slight_smile: Yes I would advise you to update to version 5.12. Because stable CIS version 6 will not be out for a while. Why take the risk with Avast 7 and CIS 5.10? You must address security holes ASAP if you can as you never know. If you have the fix, use it.

Well I used the latest versions of Comodo and Avast. I selected a few programs to check for updates, even though I blocked each one they still connected to the net. This is very annoying as I have been holding off an Avast update for nearly a year because of this problem.

What changes did you make to the configuration for Comodo Firewall?

I didn’t make any changes, I just did a program update. Firewall is in custom policy mode as it has been for a long time. One thing I did notice was Comodo said I was using version 5.12 but when I looked at window’s uninstall options it said Comodo was version 5.8.

Did you upgraded from CIS 5.8 version?

Coz I upgraded from CIS 5.10 to 5.12 & uninstall option shows 5.10.

Everything is working fine.

I dont have Avast so cant comment on the Avast query.

I upgraded from version 5.10 to 5.12.

I think the version number shown in uninstall options doesn’t affect the products in any way.

And in your case I think the further upgrades from 5.8 (5.9, 5.10 & 5.12), in uninstall options the version number for some reason remain 5.8.

I too would like to know why the version number didn’t changed with the upgrades.

Is this CIS or Win 7 prob?

Updaters do not always update the notifications in the list of installed programs. It happens with various programs. One of those inconveniences of modern computer life.

I’m getting really sick and tired of this after 1 year. I just reinstalled the latest versions of Comodo and Avast and still programs connect after I block them, yet when I disable Avast’s web shield they are blocked. If this is supposed to be fixed in the latest Comodo update why am I still having the problem? I don’t know what else to do.

I just tried a few more programs, when I block Firefox and Chrome they are blocked, so no problem there. When I block Google Earth it still loads in the maps but won’t connect for updates. When I block Burnaware from checking for updates it still says updates are available.

When I turn off Avast’s web shield everything is blocked. So it seems some programs still manage to get through, I really hope someone else here using Avast 7 and Comodo can also check if they are having similar problems.