a question about (Prevention)

Hiya yall I have a question about Comodo AntiVirus/Malware Prevention!

If i enable JavaScript, iframe and ActiveX and i go on surfing on the infected sites will i get infected by an exploit and will CAV be able to detect/stop all known and unknown threats from executing and running?


Under the conditions you’ve outlined, there is no logical answer other than “We wouldn’t recommend acting in such an unsecured manner, regardless of what anti malware product you use.”.

CAVS2 is good, but it’s not perfect.
NOD32 is good, but it’s not perfect.
AVG is good, but it’s not perfect.
Avira is good, …

Do you get the point? :wink: No anti malware product is perfect. None. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves and trying to fool both you and your wallet.

The basis of all security is knowledge and acting in a manner that invites trouble is not a good starting point.

Ewen :slight_smile:


If you were to do that then CAVS’s HIPS would most likely come up with a dialog box telling you what is happening and you could then allow or deny. But I agree with Ewen, no antivirus or antimalware product is perfect.