A question about HIPS

I hear that both the firewall (in version 3.0) and antivirus (in version 1.1 b2) will both support HIPS. I’m just wondering how these applications will work together. Will both the firewall and antivirus share the same hips functions or will they have their own features?


Reading between the lines (so I could be totally wrong about this) I believe that the AV will have an application-centric HIPS component, and the FW will have an entry vector focussed HIPS.

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I believe that you are correct. Although, personally, I would prefer it if all the HIPS functions were in the firewall. It just seems to make sense to me to put all HIPS function in one application.

Yes with an IF, no with a BUT.

A traditional HIPS app is focussed on monitoring the entry vectors into a system. As such, Comodo seem to be viewing this as an extension of the firewalls traffic monitoring. The application-centric HIPS that will be in CAVS is more an extension to the real time scanning component of the AV.

I appreciate the confusion. Sometimes when someone comes up with a whole new way of looking at things, it takes a while to understand, particularly if we’re comparing old methods to new methods.

I guess we’ll all have to wait until the 14th.

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Ewen (or anyone else for that matter),

Keeping in mind that I am just not a good candidate to try out a program in beta, is there a HIPS application out there that you would reccomend until CAVS is out of beta? I was usuing On-line armor but found that it conflicted with Comodo and or slowed my system down to much.

I’m considering Safety System Monitor or Antihook (free versions)

I’m currently using SSM (free) with CF and both of them seem to work well together.


Oh great more memory and cpu usage, lol! Please i hope this firewall doesn’t turn into all the rest of those overloaded and bloated firewalls out there that cause more problems than help. I like when programs stick to what they are designed to do! When you start trying to make one program do it all thats when its time to drop it, whether it be free or not. Just my opinion. There are other programs out there that provide all those extra functions. As previously mentioned, SSM, and others like prevx, processguard, ect. But if somehow you can add this extra function to the firewall while also lowering the already pretty high mem and cpu usage, then go for it. But I say Keep It Basic!

                                                                                                        Just my opinion! Thanks (:WAV)

Come on PC Junkie, its Comodo you are talking about :wink:


Of course not…Comodo is not like the others…so just relax ;D