A question about excluding other Comodo Products [RESOLVED]

Is it necessary to exclude CPF or CMF processes from BoClean? If so, do this post a security risk? Should I be excluding BoClean in CMF?


P.S. I do notice a speed up of my system when I do exclude these in both, just want to know the best secure solution.

On Vista I only had to allow Boclean access to CPF3 memory.
EDIT No I have not excluded anything and have no probs.

I’m referring to BOClean’s Excluder and CMF’s Excluder. I’m aware of the CPF 3 rules and have them set correctly, it’s BoClean’s excluder and CMF’s excluder to which I was referring.



Hi Eric,to me the logical conclusion to your question would be to not include CFP in the BOClean and CMF exclusion lists.The reason i say this is that say a vulnerability was found in V3(unlikely) be it a buffer overflow type attack or something else then there is a chance one of the other programs could catch it,whereas if it was excluded there would be no chance.
Just my 2p


To be honest, I’d go with Matty’s advice … I’d expect that the CMF people are aware of the new version of BOClean by now … if neither is alerting to BOClean “prodding” them, then I’d opt to NOT exclude either.

Thanks for your advice.

Problem resolved. I’ll close my own topic…

I’ll PM myself if I need it re-opening lol