a question about DNS/RPC Client Service

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Mvzfka232, please tell us what browser and OS you are using. Are they both up to date? Here is a good description of what dnscache is - Black Viper. I think the reason you still operate is that this feature is for improving performance by caching DNS request but with it disabled everything still works only a little slower. I see none of these complaints from CIS, but I started seeing various complaints for signed Windows files - see here. A work around that will probably work is to add the dnscache file as a “Trusted/Installer” - shows as “Installer or Updater” under Computer Security Policy. Enjoy, John.

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Sorry, Mvzfka232, I cannot answer your questions. I can only point out that what Black Viper says about disabling this service. I am not quiet as paranoid as you and am glad to have the extra performance. I suspect this will be only be a performance issue and if you see no degradation, then all the better. Assuming you have a good fast connection and your DNS server is close by, the cache probably helps little, as you note. I think CIS should not be going off on this Windows component at all. Enjoy, John.

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