A question about D+ warning

I like choosing Safe Mode of D+ , but I aware that everytime I run a installation,D+ will always warn, how can I make D+ ignore the first warning of a installation process. Please teach me to create the rule. 3Q~


If you are talking about warning on screenshot, then to avoid it you should disable Image Execution Control Level under Defense+ → Advanced → Image Execution Control Settings.
But remember recommended setting for Image Execution Control Level is “normal”.

Alternatively, if you are sure the software you are installing is safe, you could try turning D+ to training mode. I think that should stop the warning as D+ will just learn all activities in this mode. Dont forget to turn back to a higher setting after installation though.


This is a good idea.

Sometimes installation mode does not give 0 pop ups during installation, Something COMODO should prehaps look at.