a question about configurations

What is the difference between the following configurations:

comodo internet security vs comodo proactive security ?

Open Comodo, configuration, help, and you shall have the answer:

(Internet Security)
Image Execution Control is disabled.

Computer Monitor/Disk/Keyboard/DNS Client access/Window Messages are NOT monitored.

Only commonly infected files/folders are protected against infection.

Only commonly exploited COM interfaces are protected.

Beware, each mode writes its own preset rules, meaning that if you shift from one to the other “live” (i.e., after installation), you have to rewrite your own rules.

so proactive security configuration is better in terms of protection?

IMHO - yes, but each user must find the configuration and settings that provide the level of security they are comforatble with and suits the way they choose to work.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is this mean i won’t be protected if i have keylogger in my pc ?

true , my frind computer had a keylogger installed on his pc , the default setting for the latest 4.0.X does not detect keylogging , however , once i switched it to proactive I had the usual pop up of installing global Hook .

I know from my experience early on with Comodo that while in Internet Security configuration if you select all of the options in the Defense+ Monitor settings it will yield a perfect 340/340 score on CLT of course the Proactive configuration will yield the same results.


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Thanks God they are already selected in the ‘’ internet security ‘’ configuration by default. Guys i am really confused now because when i look at help they say different things. I guess this help document is old and was prepared for older versions. As a costumer i would like to have a simple software but also protects me very good. I just want to install it and forget it. I am spending my time to discover what is the difference with internet sec. and proactive sec. configurations. Best of all i am not feeling confortable because i have questions like ‘’ i am not protected enough ?! Should i change it to Proactive Sec. Configuration ? ‘’

In the very first versions of Comodo it was very hard to use and complicated. Year by year it becomes easier to use. I hope Comodo Stuff will make it more easier in the future.


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