a question about blocking certain networks

hello, i had a problem ones where i could see a connection with Kill Switched that slowed my internet speed. now that problem is solved, but i just want to know how do i block a certain connection using its remote address as Kill Switch identify it? is it under “advance settings firewall” somewhere? do i set a rule at “ruleset” or “global rules”? i dont want to play with things i dont understand much about…

Just to be clear, you’d like to block an IP address using the firewall? If so, Is this for outbound or inbound connections, for a specific application or globally?

outbond and inbound, globally

The easiest way to this, depending on your current configuration, is, creating one or more Global rules. If, in Global rules, you already have a final entry that says Block IP In, you’ll just need to prevent outbound connections. If you don’t have this rule, you can either create specific inbound and an outbound rules or you can change your configuration by switching over to Stealth.

  1. Open CIS and navigate to:

Tasks\Firewall Tasks\Open Advanced Settings\Global Rules

  1. Right click in the Global rules window and select Add
  2. Create a new rule:

Action - Block
Protocol - IP
Direction - Out
Source Address - ANY
Destination Address - The IP you want to block
IP Details - ANY

If you need an inbound rule:

Action - Block
Protocol - IP
Direction - In
Source Address - The IP you want to block
Destination Address - ANY
IP Details - ANY

If you have more than one IP address to block, you may be able to create a Network Zone then, when creating your rules, you use the zone name in place of the single IP address.

On a final note, if you’re not already in ‘stealth’ configuration, changing to it will necessitate
the addition of inbound allow rules for certain types of application, such as server applications and p2p clients.

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