A question about backdoors

Supposed you deleted a file and someone gained backdoor access to your machine. My question is suppose they had a file recovery program on their machine but you don’t have one on your machine can they use the program on their machine to run a file recovery on your own? Or will they have to somehow make your machine download the program and then use their access to make the program execute the command?

I have another question not really for this section but I thought perhaps I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Well the other day a friend of mine applied a windows security patch to his machine. Anyways his machine, after he reboots, sometimes tend to freeze up… after he applied the patch it prompted him to restart so he did so… after he restarted and windows began to the usual task of load the processes ( I think that’s what it does?) it froze up. Did this mean that the patch did not install? Will he have to re-apply the patch? I’m wondering because someone told me if he re-applied the patch and it already was applied properly it will cancel it out.


If someone tried to make a back-door connection you would have had a Firewall Alert. Did you click allow??? What setting is your CIS Defense+ At? Any new programs introduced will appear in the D+ Pending List. You can change the setting for specific ones to “Blocked Application” which would block the application from doing anything.

Back door applications are viruses. Are you running an antivirus?

My defense+ is set to safe mode. I was not alerted of anything and I don’t have the Comodo antivirus enabled because I use another antivirus program. That antivirus program didn’t alert me of anything either.

What happened is that my brother and I have our passwords saved on a .doc file but we changed the extension to .avi as a precaution. We have it saved on a cd just incase. Whenever I use it I normally delete it but I came on 2 days ago and saw it on the pc. The pc is normally used by my brother and me so after what you said I’m guessing my brother used it and forgot to delete it as I never asked him if he used it.

I’ll ask him and get back to you with the answer.

Edit: It’s ok apparently it was my brother.